Cave Biology - Reports

back main menu forward This is a list of some of the records to give an idea of what had been found in the first few years of exploration. The emphasis is on extant fauna, but some of the observations are of fossils. Please contact the biological recorder for more details . To get more details on a particular group or species you might like to try a web search on its name. td>td>
GroupCommon nameScientific nameNotes
Bat guano
Bat Skeletons
Natterer's Bat Myotis nattereri
Lesser Horseshoe Bat Rhinolophus hipposideros
Hyaena toothnow in Oxford University Museum
frog Rana temporaria
Point SnailAcicula fusca
Herald SnailCarychium minimum
Common Door Snail Clausilia bidentata
Rounded Snail Discus rotundatus
snail (Lesser bulin)Ena obscura
Cellar Glass Snail Oxychilus cellarius
Crystal snailVitrea contracta
Pupilla muscorum
Hairy snailTrichia hispida
Trichia striolata
shrimp (undet)
Freshwater shrimp Gammarus pulex
shrimp Niphargus fontanustroglogbite
isopod Proasellus cavaticustroglogbite
centipede Lithobius sp
Snake Millipede
Black fungus gnat
Caddis Fly (undet)
Viking House Fly Heleomyza serrata
crane fly Limonia nebeculosa
fungus gnatSpeleolepta leptogastertroglobite?
fly Stenophylax permistus
Larvae undet)
beetle Carabidae
beetle Staphylinidae
twin-tail (diplura)Campodeidae

No moths, worms, spiders, springtails, plants or bacteria recorded