Policy on Entrances to Ogof Draenen

The current PDCMG policy is that the preferred way to conserve Ogof Draenen as the cave currently exists is for there to be a single entrance to the cave with access to it administered by the Group.

Any digging activity, whether inside the cave or on the surface near to the known cave, which is likely to result in the opening of an additional entrance should be brought to the attention of the Group along with a strong case demonstrating how it is in accordance with the current conservation policy. Requests for confidentiality will be respected.

The only anticipated exception to this rule is in the event of a cave rescue where a second entrance could be temporarily opened without the prior permission of the Group to ease the removal of a casualty from the cave.

A serious collapse of the existing entrance should in the first instance be repaired, or in the event that this not possible, an Extraordinary Group Meeting called. Any temporary opening should be closed again as quickly as is reasonably practicable in order to prevent it from being used as a trade route.

This policy may be reviewed by the group either as a result of future developments or at the request of individual cavers or cave clubs.

Approved 1st November 2009 (para 2 revised)