Pwll Du Cave Management Group

The meeting commenced at 1040 hours with the following in attendance:

Name Representing
Mick Day ( Chairman ) -
Boyd Potts ( Secretary ) Orpheus C.C.
Chris Densham Oxford University C.C.
John Cooper Chelsea S.S.
Elsie Little Cambrian C.C.Representative
Martin Laverty Grwp Ogofeydd Garimpeiros.
Ali Garman (Survey Officer) Draenen Diggers.
Sue Mabbett (Access Officer) South Wales C.C.
Ben Lovett Morgannwg C.C.

The Chairman

Confirmed the meeting was quorate.


These were received from Tim Long (Conservation Officer), Spencer Drew (Treasurer), and ian Wilton-Jones (Brynmawr C.C.). No apologies were received from the Biological or Geological Recorders or from the Croydon C.C, Cwmbran C.C, BEC or Wessex C.C. Representatives.

Minutes of the Meeting 14th June 1998: ( Previously circulated ).

3a) Proposed by John Cooper and Seconded by Chris Densham: 'That the minutes be accepted as a true record'. All agreed.

Matters arising:

Item 4(c)(iii). Referred to item 4(c) at this meeting.

Gilwern passage notice has been placed. Passage entry is discouraged but not physically closed. Noted that very few trips have been recorded into the passage since July.

No engineering ideas as yet received from Owen Clarke. It is suggested that a retaining wall is needed, of stone or sandbags, and then the formations may need cleaning.

Officers Reports


All items are listed on the Agenda or reported under different headings.


Not in attendance but see seperate report.

(i) Request from permit Secretary for the account details so that Key money can be paid in. Secretary to chase.

BBNP Grant. Noted that 800 pouns is available. Agreed we need to purchase Conservation and Survey equipment. Suggested that items need to be purchased, through the Treasurer, by other Officers of the Group. The Grant must be used by March 1999.

4(c)Permit Secretary:

Record sheets for recent visits to Draenen were circulated.

Noted that 5 weeks around August 1998 had to be estimated. Pointed out that numbers visiting the cave have dropped and are now fairly consistent at a bout 4 trips per week. Applications for keys from outside clubs is low with only about two per month.

The present gate lock is still satisfactory but requiring more maintenance. Agreed we buy a spare lock so thepresent one can be serviced. Reference the proposal at the last meeting. Agreed we continue with the present lock system.

Agreed we add comments about Bat protection to the code of conduct. The revised sheet to be circulated with these minutes. The Permit Secretary will prepare and forward to the secretary.

Noted that the Log Book holder needs repair. Various remedies were discussed and will be investigated.

The Permit Secretary's financial comments raised at the last meeting were discussed. Agreed that for the present we keep to the status quo.

4(d)Conservation Officer:

i. Ben Lovett agreed to take on the post for the remainder of the period until the next election.

ii) Noted that the Entrance trench had again been rebuilt.

Recently the Rescue Entrance had been reopened. This has now been temporarily closed Agreed we try to make its use as difficult as possible without permanent closure. This to be reviewed at the next meeting.

Discussion on the use of Cave Counters. Agreed the possibility be investigated.

Lastly thanks were recorded to Tim Long for all his hard work in producing the Conservation documents and other items.

4(e)Survey Secretary:

Up to date Grade2 survey not yet been published but hope this may be possible in the near future.

4(f)Biological Recorder:

Abroad at present and no report received. Caving publications have published a letter requesting that information be sent to the recorder.

4(g)Geological Recorder:

No report received. It was requested that AF be asked if he could supply the meeting with any information about his Rolex grant application. The meeting expressed its interest and willingness to help.

Election of any new Member Clubs

No applications received.

Land Purchase Review

Verbal reports received that all the land purchase had been agreed. Rumours that mining companies had obtained the majority of the area. No definite information as yet but this is expected in the next few weeks.

Coal Authority Licence

No news since last meeting. Their solicitors have not yet replied.

Draenen Conservation

All items already dealt with under 3(b), 4(c) (ii) and (iii), and 4(d)(ii) and (iii).

Any Other Business

9(a)NCA Minimal Impact Caving Code. This item was raised by the secretary. Needs to be seen by all cavers but at present is hidden away in the NCA Conservation Handbook.

9(b) NCA Fixed Aids (1st Draft) It has been suggested that this be passed on, for comment, to all the Management Groups in South Wales. A copy will be sent to our Conservation Officer.

Next Meeting

This has been arranged for Sunday 9th May 1999. To be held at the Gwesty Bach, Brynmawr, at 10.30am.