B.C.CCharles Bailey
C.C.CDave Lewis
C.S.SJohn Cooper
G.O.GNig Rogers
S.W.C.CSue Mabbett
O.C.CBoyd Potts
M.C.CHuw Jones
W.C.CMark Helmore
O.U.C.CMartin Hicks
Draenen DiggersAlastair Garman
Cambrian Caving CouncilElsie Little
ObserversRichard Hankinson
Chris Howes
Judith Calford
Spencer Drew
Frank Baguley
Tim Long
Dominic Sealy
Arthur Millett


Croydon C.C. Bristol E.G.


Bill Gascoine


Elsie Little


To be sent to Club representatives or to secretaries if we are unsure of representation.

CHRIS HOWES: stressed his role to be not as club representative but rather as a source of information and documentation on progress so far.


( To be read in conjunction with the amendations printed in draft 2)


Agreed. Proposed S.M.& H.J.

Section 2

Agreed. Proposed J.C.& M.H.

Section 3

3.4 was added by universal agreement. Proposed A.M.& C.H. Agreed.

Section 4

It was agreed that "landowner" should become plural to accomodate any eventualities and that a Conservation Officer be appointed.

4.4 Stress was put on the intention not to limit exploration but to consider carefully digs within the "established cave". The Group asserted the need to maintain secrecy about digs if this was requested when information was given.... .Proposed C.F & S.M., Accepted with 9 for and 3 against.

The Chairman requests this be adhered to as of the present.

Morgannwg C.C. will pass over funds to the new bank acount at a suitable time.

Section proposed B.P.& S.M. Agreed.

Section 5

Discussions reaffimed these principles:

Club representation: Club representatives to fill officer posts with the option to co-opt if suitable expertise was needed from elsewhere

Co-opted officers to hold votes

Chair to be neutral and appointed for a lengthy perion of office

Officers to be elected every 2 years

5.3 Deleted as it is covered elsewhere.

5.5. Deleted as irrelevant. Amended section proposed C.B.& J.C. Agreed.

Section 6:

To be deleted with 6.1. incorporated into the new 4.1 and 6.2 moving to become the new 6.1. Proposed A.M.& M.H. Agreed.

Section 7:

7.6 The quorum of the meetings was revised to ensure representation fairly of both club representatives and of the executive officers.

7.11 An addition was made to exclude exploratory digging from the agenda of meetings....Proposed N.R.& A.M. Agreed. Amended Section 7 proposed C.B.& A.M. Agreed.

Section 8:

Amended section proposed J.C. & H.j. Agreed.

Section 9:

With "Survey" removed the section was agreed. Proposed A.M.& B.P.

Section 10:

10.3 is to include the obtaining of third party liability cover for the Group and its co-opted agents.

Section 11:

Agreed as amended. Proposed A.M.& S.M.

Sections 12 & 13: Landowners are to be removed from any consideration of dissolution of the Group. Proposed M.H.& B.P. Agreed.


1 Temporarily elected officers to act for the Group until they may be ratified by the inaugural meeting to be held in the autumn were
( ChairmanMick Day)

2 Survey is to head the agenda for the next meeting which is to be held as soon as possible after the start of October.

3 Thanks were offered to Bill Gascoine for chairing the meeting.