The meeting commenced at 2050 hours with the following in attendance.

Name Representing
Mick Day (Chairman)
Boyd Potts (Secretary) Orpheus C.C.
Spencer Drew (Treasurer) Morgannwg C.C.
Ali Garman (Survey Officer) Draenan Diggers
Andy Farrant (Geological Recorder) -
Martin Laverty Grwp Ogofeydd Garimpeiros
Ian Wilton-Jones Brynmawr C.C.
Chris SealChelsea S.S.
Pete Bolt B.E.C.
Chris Densham Oxford University C.C.
Clive Gardener Observer (SWCC).

The Chairman

The Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and declared the meeting open.


Ursula Collie, Charles Bailey (Trustee), Tim Long (Trustee), Rhian Hicks (Biological Recorder), Dom Sealy (Wessex), Sue Mabbett (Access Officer), Ben Lovatt (Conservation Officer), Owen Clarke (Cwmbran C.C.).

Minutes of the meeting 8th June 2002: (Previously circulated).

3(a) Amendment to 7(a); "Thanks to Rhian Hicks for all her work" Amendment to 4(a)ii; Delete "insured". It was then agreed unanimously: "That the minutes be accepted as a true record."

3(b) Matters arising:

3(b)/7(b): Balcony Pitch Ladder. Information received from OC. Progress, albeit slow, is being made and a ladder sample was made available at the meeting for all to examine. Thanks to OC for his work so far. PB commented that legs would probably not be needed for most of the ladders length as it would be free hanging. Discussion on this and the exact length needed. IW-J will investigate with the help of Charles Bailey and inform OC of his findings.

Officers Reports:

4(a) Secretary:

Most Items covered on the Agenda. Noted that Public Liability Insurance costs have risen dramatically and are likely to rise even further.

4(b) Treasurer:

Accounts circulated at the meeting. SD is searching for sources of Grant Aid to further our work. i. Information given about the Water Tracing project. Costs so far have been around 250 pounds, with a possible 50 pounds from Cambrian. Stated that all information accrued will be passed to the Public domain. Request was made for possible financial help from this committee to cover expenses already incurred as normal grant aid cannot be applied for retrospectively. Discussion on what results were being produced and on how much funding we might give. It was then proposed by AF and seconded by AG; "That we give an Ex gratia payment of 150 pounds to support the research and we give our full backing to any future application for grant aid to Cambrian and BCRA for continuation of the work." It was pointed out that this donation does not set a precedent and we will normally only offer our written support for projects in the system. The Treasurer's Report was then adopted.

4(c) Permit Secretary:

Not in attendance but report sent. Old Log Book removed and collated. New Log Book in place. The new site for the log book is an improvement on the old position. Visits continue but not at a very high level; see report sheet. The lock has been cleaned and replaced. Discussion held on cave counter installation. No decision made. Thanks were recorded for the work Sue has done.

4(d) Conservation Office:

No report received. Out of the country at present.

4(e) Survey Secretary:

No data received in the last six months. A few small discoveries have been made but the data has not yet been passed on.

4(f) Biological Recorder:

RH was not at the meeting but again thanks were recorded to her for the continuing work in trying to keep these records up to date. The request was again made that all appropriate material is sent to RH for the records.

4(g) Geological Recorder:

A report was circulated at the meeting. The report was adopted and thanks given to AF for his work.

G5 Surveyors letter:

This had been prepared by AF and circulated by E.Mail to all the Officers for their comments. A copy was passed round and discussed at the meeting. It was agreed that we accept the letter and it be left to AF and BP to produce the final copies and send to the appropriate addressees.

Constitutional amendments:

Still to be dealt with by BP.


ML reminded people that there is a new Website. Requested that it be looked at and comments passed back to him. Needs publicising and also some cross referencing. Suggested to ML that its address be circulated as widely as possible. Hoped that all our published information will be on the site in the near future. Thanks were again recorded to RH for all her previous website work and ML thanked for all his recent efforts to keep the site up to date.

Any Other Business:

8(a) Digging;

There was a discussion on other surface digs over the present cave system. Agreed we need to make sure that anyone digging at least knows of the existence of the PDCMG and its work.

8(b) Cave Conservation Plan;

AF has looked at BL's plan and done some possible rejigging. Agreed he discuss this with BL and then they come back to the meeting with their ideas.

8(c) Request from SM;

Can any interested person look at the NCA/BCRA Consultation document. Copies were circulated at the meeting.

8(c) Use of the Lamb and Fox room;

Thanks were recorded to Carol and Brian for the use of the room. Agreed we must support them by purchase of meals and drinks!

Date of Next Meeting:

It was decided to try and hold the meeting again at the Lamb and Fox. *** Suggested date of 14th June 2003 at 8pm. Try to arrange food for those who require it.

The meeting closed at 2255 hours.

B. Potts.

Hon. Secretary.