The meeting commenced at 1040 hours with the following in attendance.

Name Representing
Mick Day (Chairman)
Boyd Potts (Secretary) Orpheus C.C.
Ali Garman (Survey Officer) Draenan Diggers
Martin Laverty Grwp Ogofeydd Garimpeiros / Oxford Univ.C.C.
John Cooper Chelsea S.S.
Ian Wilton-Jones Brynmawr C.C.
Charles Bailey (Trustee)

The Chairman

Mick Day welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Andy Farrant, Chris Densham, Ben Lovatt, Spencer Drew, Sue Mabbett, Rhian Hicks, Elsie Little.

Minutes of the meeting 26th November 2000: (Previously circulated).

3(a) It was agreed unanimously, "That the minutes be accepted as a true record."

3(b) Matters arising. Item 3-4(d)iv. Still awaiting action from BL. Item 3-4(a)iv. World Heritage status now confirmed. Item 4(b)iii. Confirm if this is being actioned byBL. Item 5i. Balcony ladder. Work still ongoing.

Officers Report

4(a) Secretary

i. Reference item 6 in the last minutes. Letter had been written to JS, as requested. No acknowledgement or reply received.

ii. There has been discussion and correspondence about the Daren Ladder but no other known action.

iii. Discussions over F and M with Pwll Du Conservation Ltd.

4(b) Treasurer

i. Still in New Zealand but summary of accounts E.Mailed via his father. Current account (pound)251.83 Reserve account (pound)614.79 Interest at 20/4/01 (pound2.88 (pound)869.50 Total Funds.

ii. There was then a discussion about the accounts. It was agreed thar as SD was not available at the meeting: we request that Full Accounts and a Report be presented at the November meeting. This to keep us within the rules as laid down by our constitution.

4(c) Permit Secretary

Not present but certain details reported.

i. Cave is now open by agreement with the Landowners and. Tenant. Access only "via the agreed footpath and sensible precautions to be taken.

ii. New lock and number to be installed as from the 10th June. Old lock to be returned to SM. Old book to be removed and new book to be placed in box at side of Lamb and Fox. Note to be left on cave door with instructions and plan of where book is now situated. ML and BP to action.

iii. Attendance figures not available until old book is retrieved.

4(d). Conservation Officer

No report. Everything is on hold at present.

i. Conservation Policy still outstanding. Once the policy is completed it was suggested that we publish and circulate combined with our other policies, as a single document.

ii. The excellent Video produced by TG was noted.

4(e). Survey Secretary

i. AG took action as recommended in 4(e)i at the last meeting.

ii. The website work will be completed as soon as is practicable.

iii. Requests for further information are ongoing. There was a discussion on access to further Grade 2 data.

4(f). Biological Recorder

No report except to note that the Website is now registered and records Geological and Biological data at present. Survey and other information still needs to go on to the site.

4(g). Geological Recorder

i. AF not present but his report was circulated at the meeting. Proposed JC and Seconded ML: 'That the report be adopted.' All agreed.

ii. The project proposal was discussed. Proposed IW-J and seconded ML; 'That we approve and support the project." All agreed.

iii. Thanks were recorded for the Website report supplied by AF.

Election of New Member Clubs

i. There were no new applications.

ii. Discussion on. Club representation. Noted that some member clubs were never represented at the meetings. It was suggested we enquire why and maybe put forward alterations to the Constitution to require clubs to be re-elected on a Biennial basis.

Election of Officers for the 2 year term

The Chairman (MD) suggested that he would be happy to stand down. The meeting requested that he continue in the post and he agreed.

The Secretary (BP), Treasurer (SD), Permit Secretary (SM), Conservation Officer (BL), Survey Secretary (AG), Biological Recorder (RH), Geological Recorder (AF): were ail re-elected as they agreed to stand and there were no other candidates.

Fixed Aids Policy

There was a long discussion on Fixed Aids. Agreed we support the present Access letter comments sent out by SM. We also keep the situation under close review.

Any Other Business

There was none.

Date of Next Meeting

This was arranged and confirmed as Sunday 25th November 2001. To be held at the Gwesty Bach. Brvnmawr, at 10.30am.

The meeting closed at 1300 hours.

B.Potts. Hon. Secretary.