The committee

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Officer (one vote each except only tie - status-quo - vote for Chairman) Representing Office Appointed/Elected
Les Williams
Chairman since 2017
Sue Mabbett South Wales Caving Club Hon.Secretary 2017
Dan Thorne Gagendor Caving Club Permit Secretary 2017
Peter Smith Chelsea Speleological Society Biological Recorder 2013/2015/2017
Joshua White Aberystwyth Caving Club Conservation Officer 2015/2017
Andy Farrant Geological Recorder 1996/1997/1999/2001/2003/2005/2009/2011/2013/2015/2017
Spencer Drew Morgannwg Caving Club Treasurer 1996/1997/1999/2001/2003/2005/2009/2011/2013/2015/2017
Co-opted (non-voting role)
John Stevens Chelsea Speleological Society Survey Officer 2017
Tom Williams Brynmawr Caving Club Fixed Aids Officer
Trustee (non-voting role)
Chris Densham Oxford University Cave Club 1997
Charles Bailey Brynmawr Caving Club 1997
Tim Long Morgannwg Caving Club 1997
Member (one vote per club, exclusive of officer's votes)
Ali Garman Draenen Diggers
Dave Glover Morgannwg Caving Club
Chris Seal Chelsea Speleological Society
Helen Stewart Croydon Caving Club
Chris Gibbs Cwmbran Caving Club
Paul Nuttall Brynmawr Caving Club
Sue Mabbett South Wales Caving Club
Henry Dawson Bristol Exploration Club
Chris Densham Oxford University Cave Club
Peter Talling University of Bristol Spelæological Society
Les Williams Wessex Cave Club
Boyd Potts Orpheus Caving Club
Rich Hill Gagendor Caving Club
Matt St Claire Cardiff University Caving Club
Tim Barter Westminster Speleological Group
Joshua White Aberystwyth Caving Club
Barry Hill Hereford Caving Club
Observers (no vote)
Stuart France Cambrian Caving Council
Christina Byrne Natural Resources Wales
Any others Interested parties The committee welcomes any interest and expertise