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Access Procedures

Access to the cave, under the terms of the Access Licence and subject to by the landowner, is by the original entrance only (at Grid Reference: SO 2467:1176, Altitude: 362 m). It is stressed that any attempts to open or otherwise use other entrances to the cave on the land owned by PwllDu Conservation Limited will result in termination of the current access agreement and cavers are therefore asked to respect the terms of the Licence and the landowner's wishes.

The cave should be approached only by the path from the road by the Pwll Du Adventure Centre. Parking is available opposite the Lamb and Fox. The cave is gated and padlocked. Please note that the old combination padlock has now been changed to a key operated padlock. Further details of current access are available to member clubs; all others should contact the Access Officer . To obtain a key send:

  • a letter from Caving Club, including the date the key is required,
  • an address label for recipient of key,
  • a stamp for large envelope (this is required as packaged key is >5mm thick)
  • a cheque for 10 made payable to the Pwll Ddu Cave Management Group (a deposit for return of key).
The Jiffy type envelope will be supplied by Dan using previously received envelopes. This saves the requestor having to send original request with stamp for large envelope.

It is a requirement of access to the cave that all trips in the cave are logged and there is a logbook installed at Cairn Junction within the cave for this purpose. Please can any shortages of pencils or paper be reported to the Access Officer or the Secretary.

There is no charge for access, but donations to the PDCMG are appreciated by the Treasurer. .

Please follow the Code of Conduct

The classic round trip route was reported blocked by a boulder on 5th August 2016 - see discussion on UK Caving forum

The person who reported it probably took a wrong turn, as experienced users report no problem.